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29th October 2012: Kao Corporation Event at the Shangri La Hotel

January 3, 2013

Kao Corporation, an international known company from Japan celebrates their event for clients and suppliers in Singapore’s Shangri La Hotel. Choosing a String Trio to complement the classiness of the event, guests from all over the world, joined Kao Corporation at the Azelea Ballroom from 7.00pm to 9.30pm for the event.

Compass Entertainment is proud to be the main entertainment for the evening.

Combined (Guests)

Guests of Kao Corporation

Combined 1

The performance at the Shangri La Hotel from Compass ‘Strings’

String Trio @ Shangri La Hotel


18th October 2012: UBS AG Event at the Ritz Carlton Millennia

January 2, 2013


Only the most experienced musicians perform with Compass Entertainment.

Band2 @ Ritz Carlton Foyer

The guests of UBS AG at the Grand Gallery of the Ritz Carlton Millennia Buffet Line @ Ritz Carlton Foyer

13th October 2012: KU Management Welcome Dinner @ The Four Seasons Hotel

December 27, 2012

KU Management Singapore welcomes their customers at the Four Seasons Hotel, Windows at the 20th floor. Opening to spectacular views of Orchard Road, guests were treated to an intimate dinner at the Windows East.

To welcome everyone, Compass Entertainment ‘Strings’ entertained during the cocktail reception while canapes and champagne went around.

Combined (guests)

The event and guests at the Four Seasons Hotel.

String Trio @ Four Seasons

Strings performance

Violin1, Four Seasons

Four Seasons Rooms

Four Seasons Poolside and the Windows

Four Seasons Hotel is possibly one of the most sought after venues for events including corporate functions as well as wedding dinners. Their pillar free Four Seasons Ballroom is located at Level 2 and a smaller Crescent Ballroom both serves up culinary delights from the famed chinese restaurant, Jiang Nan Chun.

See some of the events Compass Entertainment completed at the Four Seasons Hotel:

‘more on Four Seasons’


This week at Compass Entertainment

December 19, 2012

2 weeks back, we posted an entry that shared about our transition from traditional print to the new Apple iPad. Apart from being able to transport thousands of music scores in a small package, we believe the iPad adds on to more functionality in addition from aesthetic form.

(Just imagine, a wedding march in, where all the lights are dimmed and musicians don’t have to struggle to read sheet music)

However, we are not done yet.

In Year 2013, we are going to launch a whole new experience, here at Compass Entertainment. We are very excited. Stay updated at our Facebook.

13th October 2012: Wedding Celebration at Church of St Mary’s of the Angels

December 19, 2012


Venue 1 @ Church

The Venue at Church of St Mary’s of the Angels

Saxophone @ Church

Benson Kong on Saxophone

1st October 2012: Ming Ann and Maureen Wedding Celebration at the Regent Hotel

December 18, 2012

Wedding Celebration of Ming Ann and Maureen at the Regent Hotel


The Regent Hotel, Royal Pavilion Ballroom

Live BandLive Music from Raymond Francis Quintet

Stage Decor @ The Regent Hotel

Stage Decoration

22nd September 2012: Birthday Celebration

December 13, 2012

Live music suited for all occasions and that includes a 21 year old birthday.

Chern’s birthday was organized by the host of the evening, Mrs Betty Foo. Besides an evening of great company and savory food, live music including a full 6-piece Band performed for the birthday boy.


Being a home party, casual wear was chosen to suit the evening.


Live music at residences is definitely pleases the crowd.


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