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Some Tips On Making That Big Speech

January 9, 2013

I recently assisted a friend in her wedding at the Conrad Centennial and turns out that her husband-to-be was terrified of delivering the thank you speech during the banquet.

He held on tightly to the white piece of paper and as far as my sources tell me, it was emailed to him by my friend the previous night before.

During the earlier part of the banquet, he went on reciting and trying to memorise the prepared script. 

It is never a walk in the park, standing on the stage. I should know better since I have been on that stage many times as an Emcee.

This being said, how do one go around making that speech, especially if stage fright is a key factor?

(1): You Should Make Mistakes (and feel all right about it) 

 ‘You’d be better off having a full-out recital with half a dozen mistakes, than having a mistake-free boring recital’ tells us that we should be making mistakes on stage. Even if it is not a professional engagement, who would blame you if you fumbled with your words? No one. Because it’s your big day. 

(2): Make One-Liners, Not Paragraphs 

Most couples make the mistake of reading the speech word-for-word at the podium. Don’t.  Make eye contact with your guests where possible. And don’t worry about seeing your guests. The spotlight will hit you so brightly that all you see is white light.

Write down the key people you want to thank and leave the rest blank. The words will come to you, whether you like it or not. For example:

Thank The In-Laws and Thank My Helpers  etc etc

(3): Tell A Story 

How many times have you heard someone go, ‘I will like to thank my dad for bringing me up’? Yep, heard that one before.

Try sharing a funny story that happened when you were younger?  People love stories and even if you ever stammer through it, your guests will give you brownie points for trying.

(4): Or Just Hire Me. 

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