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12th August 2012: Shane and Zaza Wedding Celebration at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

October 24, 2012

We have mentioned how much we adore the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Truly, there are many reasons to like the hotel; Pillar free ballroom, contemporary decor and needless to say, really fantastic food.

However, on top of that, did you know that the Catering Team is highly efficient and so are the Banquet Operations Team? These two aspects will make a wedding from good to great.

And situated at the Changi Airport, there could not be a possibility of guests not being able to find a parking lot. In addition, the train station is less then a minute walk away.

The backdrop  in the Chengal Ballroom.

(We will update the following posts with new themes debuted during the Crowne Plaza Wedding Show).

View of the Chengal Ballroom

Another view of the Chengal Ballroom with guests seated.

The Wedding Cake

Great music from Elegance.

Elegance on the Stage.

We have updated our videos with the newest edition of ‘Elegance’. Press Play Below:


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