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30th July 2012: Wedding Celebration at the Fullerton Hotel

October 11, 2012

The wedding celebration that took place on 30th July was an exceptional wedding. This is because the entire wedding was planned by the groom’s parents, Mr and Mrs Hendra.

The couple is based in California for most of their time. With this, Mr and Mrs Hendra chose flower decorations, music entertainment (which is us of course!) as well as the menu for the evening. They even chose the March In song. Now that’s proactive!

We are determined to present the best musicians with the most impressive genre of music to the guests. As the bride is from California, we have selected tunes from the Great American Songbook for her family as well as for her.

We had such a great response from the guests and had encores even after the dinner has ended.

So with all these in mind, Mr and Mrs Hendra, it is our pleasure to have met you I truly think both of you are simply the most amazing parents.

The Fullerton Hotel Main Ballroom

The 5-tier model cake. The Fullerton Hotel has upgraded their lighting systems so to further better compliment their themes!

Edmund Wuu (Saxophonist). Happy Musicians Make Good Music!

Afraid your guests may be bored during dinner? Having live music definitely livens the atmosphere. This, we promise you.

Like the old school Jazz? Raymond Francis hails from the era from Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Here’s another look at the Ballroom of Fullerton Hotel.

The Fullerton Hotel has the Main Ballroom as well as the very pretty Straits Room. Read more about it at our links:

Straits Room 1

Straits Room 2

Straits Room 3

Like the ballrooms? Simply email your enquiry to their sales team at:

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