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10th September 2011: Isaac and Eileen Wedding Celebration @ The Four Seasons Hotel

October 7, 2011

This is an entry that brings families together, literally. Eileen is my cousin-in-law and she hosted her wedding lunch at the familiar Four Seasons Hotel. Amongst one of the best service oriented Sales and Operations staff I have ever seen, it is both motivating as well as personal to me that I am the emcee and in charge of music.

There are 2 layouts for the Four Seasons Ballroom. The garden view is splendid for its open windows especially during the day where natural daylight  into the ballroom, adding to the lights of the ballroom. You can see how it looks like for the wedding of Sumiko Tan that we completed in July 2010:

Wedding of Sumiko Tan @ The Four Seasons Hotel

The other option will be the straight rectangular setup. There is truly no rights or wrongs when it comes to choosing which is the best layout. Rather, it depends on the preference of the couple (Isaac and Eileen choosing the rectangular layout) which is equally aesthetically appealing.

For more information on the Four Seasons, follow these links:

The Four Seasons Hotel > Facts, Figures, Contacts

Alexandra Hsieh with Rachma and Stephen Rufus entertained the guests (and my relatives) with easy listening jazz and Mandarin classics!

A picture of the podium

My lovely cousin-in-law Eileen with Issac

The ever lovely Alexandra Hsieh on lead vocals. Click on this to see her performance.

Rachma on piano

Saxophonist Stephen Rufus

That’s me as Emcee for Isaac and Eileen!

XOXO, Stefan Ye


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