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Sorry For The Delay In Our Updates!

May 24, 2011

Greetings everyone!

It’s coming June and our latest blog post is still stuck at November 2010. Work have been kind to us and with that, comes delays in blog postings. On top of that, the harddisk containing the photos taken from December 2010 till January 2011 failed on us and after a couple of trips to data recovery centres, it is not justifiable to pay a high amount to recovering up to 50% of the pictures. With this in mind, there will not be any blog updates on our events during December 2011 till January 2011. =(

There will be more updates starting from February 2011 onwards. We are really excited about showcasing more pictures of events and our musicians on our blog, so do bookmark us and check back every now and then for more updates. We will also love to hear from you, so drop us a note at if you have any comments or feedback.

(Bought a cloud backup + an additional hard disk to make sure our precious pictures are safe!) 

I will have a blog entry updated by this week. Meantime, here are some events this week that Compass Entertainment will be the key entertainment company:

Wednesday (25th May): Opening of a Prudential Office in Marina Bay Financial District.
Thursday (26th May): Detusche Bank Conference at the Fullerton Hotel
Friday (27th May): 2 wedding ensembles in Grand Hyatt, Conference at the Fullerton Hotel, Private conference at the Marina Bay Sands.
Sunday (29th May): 70th Birthday Celebration at the Ritz Carlton

Last but not least, we have our latest video of one of Singapore’s first Ukulele Ensembles. Featuring Alan, Daphne and Bryan Lim:

(The Ukulele Ensemble also performed for Stefanie Sun’s wedding)

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