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30th October 2010: Alliot Group Dinner @ The Regent Hotel

February 25, 2011

Every year, the Alliot Group hosts their conference in a different country and for 2010, Singapore was the place to meet. Over a span of 3 days, the hosts (from United Kingdom) plans meticulously for the delegates from all over the world to meet and at the end of the conference, a dinner was held to mark the end.

Compass Entertainment was selected to recommend a group of musicians for ‘the delegates to let their hair down’, in the words of James Hilacky, host of the conference. And boy, did we had the team for them.

One of the most versatile musicians, Casey Subramaniam who is already a virtuoso  in the Guitar and Bass, also doubles up as vocalist. Sebastian Ho (currently lead guitarist for musical: The Lion King), Bobby Singh (Drums) and Ramon Francis on lead vocals are set to ensure guests have a fantastic time in Singapore!

See how the guests are enjoying themselves with an array of Jazz, Rock and Pop:


Grooving to Ramon Francis's Rock Around The Clock!


Dancing The Night Away!


Casey & The Sunshine Band

Last but not least, watch the performance here: 





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