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3rd August 2010: MasterCard Event @ The Shangri La Hotel

October 17, 2010

Without a doubt, one of the most powerful giants in the finance industry, we at Compass Entertainment are most honoured to be assisting MasterCard for their 2 day event at the Shangri La Hotel.

3rd August 2010; A cocktail reception at the Garden Terrace
Understanding the needs for guests to network, we have recommended the Compass Duet featuring Clarence on guitar and studio recording veteran Stephen David Rufus for MasterCard’s cocktail reception for 100 guests. With Bossa Nova rhythm creating a comfortable music envelope that helps to keep guests entertained while maintaining volume control, we made sure that guests can hear themselves talking, without a need to raise their voices.

Compass Duet
Guitar: Clarence
Saxophone: Stephen David Rufus
Sound: Ent Works By Design

A Cheers To Success!

MasterCard Event at the Garden Terrace

The Duet And The Guests

Guitarist Clarence

Saxophonist Stephen David Rufus

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