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Our new blog feature

October 1, 2010

taken from Clara Zamith at Flickr

The weekend is approaching, time to hang out your socks and stop picking your brains. Make plans, do something fun, or totally out of the ordinary. We do like celebrating life’s little moments and that’s why we are doing what we do – celebrating and entertaining.

We have added a new feature to our blog. You can now share our posts easily simply by clicking any one, two or more of those familiar icons below, next to the words “Tell Your Friends!”. We think this is especially helpful if you know someone who wants to know more about a venue/location, how to set up for his/her event or the services we provide.

Thank you for dropping by! Now, get on with your weekend plans already!

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  1. December 9, 2010 9:32 AM

    Hey, thank you for sharing my work! Congrads for your blog, hope you’re doing well. There’s so many people who steal works from everyone that I thought very considerate from you linking my photo. (: Thank you very much!

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