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14th July 2010 @ One On The Bund, Clifford Pier

August 11, 2010

One On The Bund, located beside at the newly operational Fullerton Bay Hotel has amazing chinese fine dining. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) held their event and with international delegates attending this dinner, we wanted to showcase Singapore’s fusion of different genres and thus, we customized a Trio with Western and Eastern instruments.

Ever heard of ‘SummerTime’ performed by the Chinese Flute? Or ‘Close To You’ done in funk? Be prepared to have conventional music styles blown out the window!

The Compass Ethnic Trio
Piano: Parry Yap
Percussion: Navin
Chinese Flute (Di Zi): Terry Ang

One On The Bund (before guests arrival):

Dinner is buffet style! Free & Easy:

VIP Seating Area

The Brain Behind The Music; Parry Yap:

Fusion Flutist, Terry Ang:

Percussionist Navin:

From 14 July 10 – One On The Bund
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