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5th May 2010 @ The Raffles City Convention Centre

June 1, 2010

How many of you remember the dancing advertisement from Visa GO? Well, it’s our personal favorite ad so far and we are even more thrilled to be providing the musicians for the Travel Happy folks.

An elegant, no frills afternoon cocktail reception at the Raffles City Convention Centre, the Compass Instrumental Jazz Trio performing songs from the Great American Songbook. Livening up the atmosphere with easy listening Jazz, guests mingled freely while listening to the live band. And it seems everyone is having a fantastic time!

That is, no doubt one of the best ways to wind down the day (the event started from 5.00pm to 7.00pm).

Compass Instrumental Jazz Trio
Piano: Parry Yap
Percussion: Ramon Francis
Saxophone: Benson Kong

Benson Kong (Saxophonist):

EXCLUSIVE! Compass Entertainment Songbook, affectionately known s “Fei Zhai” because it’s so “well-fed”! We have over 500 songs in this book including titles from various countries!

Hop on over to our YOUTUBE page to see more of our live performances!

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