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Bring Your Own Bag Day

April 24, 2010

taken from klue

Next time you are stuck in a long queue at a supermarket cashier line, try to understand my frustration: shopper after shopper, baggers are incredibly generous with the plastic bags. While I understand that plastic bags are extremely flimsy and fragile but a milk carton in a single bag? And another bag filled up simply with probably 5 bags of already individually-packed fruits, and that’s ok? For God forbidden, fruits of different kinds are not allowed to touch each other at all. On top of that, a pre-packaged bag of 3 apples deserve its own medium-sized bag and simply can’t share with a can of sardines.

And what about housewives who bring their own shopping bag just to take advantage of the 10cent rebate at a local supermarket. But hey! What are those in their cloth shopping bag – plastic bags containing their groceries! May I know what’s going on here?

Right now in Singapore, shoppers at retail outlets which are part of the “Bring Your Own Bag Day” campaign can either buy re—usable cloth bags, or donate 10 cents to fund other Singapore Environment Council environmental programmes for every plastic bag that they ask for. This is only on every Wednesday.

Things are going to change when a new nationwide scheme by SEC is introduced in June. But I do hope someone will remember to educate the baggers and elderly shoppers that this is not a market fashion show-off but an effort to cut down on paper and plastics usage, a total lifestyle change.

San Francisco has already passed legislation banning plastic bags followed by Washington and Oregon. In Ireland, 33 cents is charged for a bag for plastic and guess what. The NEXT day consumers were carrying cloth bags. I remember those days in Germany when forgetting to bring my own bag means carrying my groceries in torn paper boxes the supermarket left outside their store after the stock are displayed. 0.50 euros is too much to pay for a lousy plastic bag.

No need for these extremes if everybody takes a little responsibility and knows what they are doing.

A search on Etsy produces these wonderful shopping bag. Most of them are foldable and takes up no space at all! I especially love those that are super durable and can take  weight up to 20kg. My Super Shopping Bag.

I would love to hear from you, please share your comments!

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