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26th February 2010 @ The Holiday Inn Atrium

April 12, 2010

SGH Postgraduate Medical saw Ramon Francis and the Jazz Ensemble’s performance last year and decided to have them to entertain the guests at the SGH Postgraduate Dinner held at the Holiday Inn Atrium.

Attending guests came from different countries; China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan etc and we made doubly sure they were entertained throughout the evening. It is extremely rewarding when guests were grooving to the music and started dancing nearing the later part of dinner.

Ramon Francis and the Compass Jazz Ensemble
Piano: Tze
Percussion: Bryan Lim
Saxophone: Edmund Wuu
Vocals: Ramon Francis

Composer / Pianist: Tze

Happy Times Are Here To Stay!

Lao Yu Sheng is a ritual uniquely available in Singapore and Malaysia. While the dish Yusheng is traditionally only eaten on the 7th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, most of us have it whenever we have the chance to celebrate the New Year with our relatives or friends or business partners. Yu means “fish” but it also means “abundance”enunciated appropriately. Sheng means “raw” but also means “life”. In Cantonese, tossing Yusheng signifies “tossing up good fortune”, together, the practice of tossing the ingredients as high as possible is almost equivalent to toasting to an “overflowing abundance of wealth and longevity”.

Guests from India joining in the fun and offering well wishes and greetings for the New Year.

Ramon Francis Having A Ball of a time, as usual!

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