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Remember WHERE you were when you heard this?

March 20, 2010

This is the 2nd of our promo video, enjoy!

On a side note, we are pledging our commitment to Earth Hour by being one of the many participating organisations, period.

Nah, of course not, it doesn’t just stop there. Being committed means watching our actions everyday, not just on 27th March and most certainly not just for an hour. Here’s what we have been doing:

1) Go Paperless. We go by the belief, The Toilet Roll is a necessity, Extra Toilet Paper is a luxury. Whenever possible, we prefer paperless correspondence such as email and mobile text messages.

2) Both Sides Now. We recycle used documents and utilize both sides of the paper.

3) Unplugged. Office Equipments such as computers are switched off and unplugged at the end of the day. This is also part of our contingency plan to keep our wire-nibbling pet rabbits alive.

4) Planning our routes. We get our kicks from planning our route for the day based on the errands we have to get done and our gig locations. This way, we reduce our petrol usage and gain more time.

5) NO plastic bags. We buy nice bags instead.

We are still in self-examination. It will speed up the process real quick if you tell us how you live green! Let’s hear from you!

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