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27th November 2009 @ The Shangri La Hotel

December 10, 2009

Ever wondered why you see some of the same musicians over and over again? At Compass Entertainment, we believe in only the best for you.

(Actually, the secret is we are musicians ourselves and we love performing with the really good ones.)

Our passion doesn’t stop at the best experience you get and the best service ever. The utmost performance delivered, wide range of  repertoire are so important we ensure every musician that performs for you are of the highest standard.

Here at the Island Ballroom of Shangri La, Christopher and Shiao Wei chosen Ramon Francis as the vocals for the wedding banquet.

Ramon Francis and the Compass Jazz Trio
Piano: Parry Yap
Electric Upright: Paul Chee
Saxophone: Edmund Wuu
Male Vocals: Ramon Francis

The Band:

From 27 Nov 09 – Shangri La

Ramon Francis On Vocals:

From 27 Nov 09 – Shangri La

Paul Chee on Bass:

From 27 Nov 09 – Shangri La
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