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Blog Address Updated

February 24, 2013

Hi there!

We are very proud to bring the completed site of Compass Entertainment live 2 weeks ago. With this, we have moved the blog address from a WordPress platform to our main site.

Here are some links which will be very useful.





We will see you there. =)



9th December 2012: Jeremy and Tracie’s Wedding Celebration at the Capella Sentosa

February 15, 2013

It was such a great experience to assist Jeremy and Tracie in their wedding lunch at the Capella Sentosa. They are such big fans of Rock & Roll and with our resident Raymond Francis as vocalist, guests were entertained throughout the wedding lunch with old school Rock & Roll as well as popular wedding favourites.

Speech by Couple @ Capella

Jeremy and Tracie giving their thank you speech.

Combined (Musicians)

The awesome pairing of Alexandra Hsieh and Raymond Francis Combined (Ballroom)

The Capella Ballroom

5th December 2012: Herbert Smith Reception at the Asian Civilizations Museum

January 21, 2013

Herbert Smith Freehills; One of the world’s leading law firms organized a cocktail reception for their clients as well as staff in December engaged the services of Compass Entertainment to recommend and provide live music entertainment.

One of the core beliefs of Compass Entertainment is understand the needs and requirements of our clients and provide the right recommendation. The River Room at the ACM has great acoustics and we recommended the performance of the Jazz Quartet.


The Royal Visit

January 14, 2013

We are reported in People’s Magazine for the performance at the Istana during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to Singapore.

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 5.30.27 PM

Full report here:,,20395222_20628863,00.html

21st November 2012: South Asia Awards @ The Shangri La Hotel

January 11, 2013

An event reported on Channel News Asia as well as hosted by Otelli Edwards, Compass Entertainment was selected to consult and provide the music accompaniment for the South Asia Awards.

Being a networking event, we understand that the priority will be to allow the guests to talk without raising their voices. Music should be heard, but yet in the background. The number of equipment brought in were carefully selected and the choice of music performed was hand-picked.

A duet made up of a Pianist (Parry Yap) and violin extraordinaire Yap Shu Mei provided the highest level of music entertainment with familiar favourites from the Bossa Nova genre as well as Classical tunes.


Event @ Shangri La Hotel (1)

Event @ Shangri La Hotel

Otelli Edwards @ Shangri La Hotel

Parry Yap @ Shangri La Hotel

Shu Mei @ Shangri La Hotel

Yap Shu Mei @ Shangri La Hotel


Some Tips On Making That Big Speech

January 9, 2013

I recently assisted a friend in her wedding at the Conrad Centennial and turns out that her husband-to-be was terrified of delivering the thank you speech during the banquet.

He held on tightly to the white piece of paper and as far as my sources tell me, it was emailed to him by my friend the previous night before.

During the earlier part of the banquet, he went on reciting and trying to memorise the prepared script. 

It is never a walk in the park, standing on the stage. I should know better since I have been on that stage many times as an Emcee.

This being said, how do one go around making that speech, especially if stage fright is a key factor?

(1): You Should Make Mistakes (and feel all right about it) 

 ‘You’d be better off having a full-out recital with half a dozen mistakes, than having a mistake-free boring recital’ tells us that we should be making mistakes on stage. Even if it is not a professional engagement, who would blame you if you fumbled with your words? No one. Because it’s your big day. 

(2): Make One-Liners, Not Paragraphs 

Most couples make the mistake of reading the speech word-for-word at the podium. Don’t.  Make eye contact with your guests where possible. And don’t worry about seeing your guests. The spotlight will hit you so brightly that all you see is white light.

Write down the key people you want to thank and leave the rest blank. The words will come to you, whether you like it or not. For example:

Thank The In-Laws and Thank My Helpers  etc etc

(3): Tell A Story 

How many times have you heard someone go, ‘I will like to thank my dad for bringing me up’? Yep, heard that one before.

Try sharing a funny story that happened when you were younger?  People love stories and even if you ever stammer through it, your guests will give you brownie points for trying.

(4): Or Just Hire Me. 

More Top Tips:

Choosing Your March In Song

Choosing Your First Dance Song 

17th November 2012: Alvin and Casmin Wedding Celebration at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront

January 6, 2013

Combined 1 (Musicians) Flowers @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Grand Copthorne Ballroom 1 Grand Copthorne Ballroom 2 Grand Copthorne Ballroom 3 Rachma @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront

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